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A conversation with the "Nomad Barber" and some advice.

Can you imagine that you can do what you like, but do it in different parts of the world?

Our friend Miguel Gutierrez, known worldwide as "The Nomad Barber", embarked on an adventure 5 years ago. He decided to travel the world but doing what he likes best, cutting hair.

"The Nomad Barber" is recognized for its millions of views on its YouTube channel, where it shares videos related to the world of barbering, but in different parts of the planet, in addition to its barber shops located in London and Berlin.

Miguel has been recognized by magazines such as Business Insider and CNN, for his success and quality of content on digital platforms.

Here we share a little of the conversation we had with Miguel recently:

Q: How did "Nomad Barber" begin?

A: "Nomad Barber started in 2012 as an idea to travel and cut hair in cool places.

After starting the search for barbershops in the places I wanted to travel, I noticed that I did not find any. So I decided to do a fundraiser to take a cameraman and document the web series. "

Q: How important do you think social networks are to a business and help connect with your followers?

A: "They are very important tools. They developed my brand. However, little by little as users grow and profiles grow, it has become difficult and keep in touch with followers. But it is vital to develop and cultivate personalized contact. "

Q: How do you see the evolution of the YouTube platform as a social network and content developer?

A: "YouTube has been a vital part of my growth, the video stays there forever, while on instagram the user rarely has time to see it, and scrolls down too fast to see images.

As time goes by, I've seen my YouTube and my video-making skills grow. "

Like Miguel, we have seen that each digital platform has its particular purpose. If you want and are analyzing create or share specific content, we suggest the following three points:

1- Define who you are talking to:In marketing he is known as that "ideal client". If you are a business owner or just want to create a blog, it is important that you define who you will be speaking to. In this way you can define how and where you should develop your content, as Miguel "The Nomad Barber" does.

2- Choose a Main Theme (congruence):Many "bloggers" or businesses do not develop the expected traffic because they do not have content congruency. Keep in mind that your followers or ideal customer are your main goal. Miguel (Nomad Barber) shares weekly content where he keeps his focus on why. Although its videos may vary in duration or the medium of content, it maintains consistency and respect for its followers.

3- Redirect to your main Platform:As Miguel mentioned, he is not as feasible as YouTube is. Therefore, all its content is aimed at the follower going to your YouTube channel. He knows that where he will achieve his goal of "brand awareness" is when the user sees his video on YouTube.I hope these points can help you.

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