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5 solutions of social networks for small businesses in 2018

Perhaps, the world of social networks is not so familiar, or you have seen that digital platforms are of great importance for other merchants.

If you are an owner or part of a small business, I share five solutions that will give you social networks in 2018:

1- Increase the scope of your business positioning, without spending on radio, TV or billboard ads:

In order to publish an advertisement on television or some traditional medium, it is necessary to spend more than $ 20,000 on contracting an advertising agency and buying guidelines spaces.In social networks you own the budget you want to invest and the result you want to achieve. The majority of our customers who are small merchants get a monthly reach of more than 50.00 people with less than fifty dollars in digital guidelines.

2- Know more about your audience, without having to spend budget and your time:

Each social network provides areas of "insight" where they present updated statistics of the behavior of your followers. Facebook is the most advanced in this area, since it presents you with very specific demographic statistics. It's totally free, without having to invest in market research.

3- Know when to expand your market:

As I mentioned earlier, through social networks, you can measure your engagement and results of your followers and customers. Each platform provides areas of "insight" where you can make your conclusions with updated statistics. This will help you to know the perfect moment to expand your reach, even in what area and area the users of the networks do more search. That way you'll know where you should open your next store.

4- Improve customer service:

As you know, the main need is time. Your customers are looking for new ways to communicate with you or business.Platforms such as Facebook continue to update their messaging technology in the "Fan Page" and "Messenger" applications to facilitate communication between consumers and businesses. These platforms are totally free. And it will not take more than an hour a day to answer your customers.

5- Be one step ahead of the competition and know what they are doing:

From your experience you know that it is extremely important to know every detail of the competition. Before the revolution of social networks, you had to take time or money to visit the competition. Now with digital platforms with only internet and several "clicks" you can know daily the behavior and content published by the competition.

2018 presents new challenges for small businesses, but in turn 2017 has provided technology and tools to increase sales and reach through social networks. Do not let him not fully know all the tools that each platform provides, limit you to use them and get the most out of them.I hope these points help you.For any other information visit www.twinstheory.com or contact us to be facilitators.

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