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"Fashion blogger" from Spain

No doubt social networks have changed the game of how to interact with customers and consumers.

Next I share a conversation that we had the honor Rocío Camacho, a young woman recognized in Spain with more than 125 thousand followers on Instagram. Rocío is a fashion influencer or Fashion blogger, where she shows trend of fashion and beauty products to her followers, known as "RRSS" (services provided through the Internet, where a profile is generated to share public data with followers)

Q: How did becoming a "fashion blogger" and "influencer" come about?

C: Neither would I know how to respond correctly. Everything has been emerging in a very natural way. Many people told me that I had all the qualities to devote myself to rrss (passionate about fashion, constant, I love photos and, we will not deny it, addicted to mobile). Little by little I began to take more care of the aesthetics of all my social networks and it was having a result. Everything began to grow and the brands started to take an interest in giving me products and later to pay me in exchange for teaching their products.

Q: How important do you understand what digital platforms are for the fashion industry and how do you think that industry is and will change?

C: I think that today's fashion and digital platforms are two concepts that go hand in hand. Both are needed. The world of fashion needs people to teach trends, what they like, what they do not, what they transmit, etc. and digital platforms take advantage of this to take advantage creating marketing strategies. I think that the marketing in social networks is developing very fast so, personally, I do not think it is something that lasts for a lifetime. In these moments we are already seeing how Instagram is changing algorithms, trying to introduce new concepts, mix different social networks, and that people do not like.

Q: Undoubtedly, social networks like Instagram have changed the way brands reach their customers or consumers. How do you define your relationship with your followers?

C: My relationship with my followers try to be as close as possible. From the other side of the screen I was very excited when an influencer answered any doubt, and that is why I try to do the same. There are days when I have interviews, recordings and I do not stop for a second and those days I can not answer messages, but I usually try to answer them all, except those about my private life.

Q: We would like to know a little more about how Spain has adapted to social networks from your point of view, as an influencer and public figure.

C: In Spain, the influencer phenomenon has been a spectacular boom. It has gone from investing money in advertising campaigns in lifelong media such as television or magazines to replace it with campaigns on social networks. Personally I am very happy because thanks to it I am having the opportunity to work with brands that even in my best dreams I thought that they would give the opportunity to a normal 23 year old girl like me.

Rocío is an example to follow, and an inspiration of how to adapt to the digital era we live. As in Spain, also in Puerto Rico and the United States, there is a window of opportunities to create and develop strategies for these times. If you want to know more about Rocio and find out about the next fashion trends, follow her on Instagram like @rocioccamacho.

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