• Jonathan Cotto

Super Bowl Ads 2018 (so far)

One of the attractions of the Super Bowl is to sit and watch the ads and criticize them with friends. Specifically those creative and advertising lovers is an event a year to identify the trends that big brands with a lot of advertising budget will use.

Something we will notice this year is the amount of ads with public figures vs. other previous years, which brands had accustomed us to inspirational, institutional, patriotic ads that appeal to emotions.

Here we share the announcements that have already been published.

1. Doritos and Mountain Dew Ice: "Tongue Twisters"

This is great! Both brands are positioned with two very famous figures and loved by their fans.

2. Michelob Ultra: "The Perfect Fit"

A pretty literal ad, but it is very clear who will be the image of the beer. It's not what we usually see in a Super Bowl ad for a liquor brand, but it does meet the goal of positioning itself with the new representative.

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