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How is income generated on YouTube?

Digital platforms continue to innovate. Developing mechanism where users can have spaces to generate income. YouTube is not far behind, but can you really live developing videos on Youtube? Well, the answer is depends.

Today I want to share different ways of how you can generate income with YouTube content:

1- AdSense (by views):

This is the "classic" or known way to generate income with this platform. For each video production, YouTube will take care of paying you. The company recently changed its payment policy. Actually how its formula works is to pay for the publicity that the user accesses while watching the video. They have a formula for a certain number of reproductions, then they pay a quantity. To generate a large amount of income with this method, you have to get thousands of views.

2- Affiliates links (affiliate links):

Amazon is the main one in this type of method. It consists of creating a personal link where basically the promotional product is shown or that are being used in the video and when people enter or buy through that link, the company pays you a percentage of the sale. This method is one of the easiest ways to generate revenue on YouTube, as well as other digital platforms. You do not need a direct sale, but to promote what you are using in the video, in this case. Also, that you do not take charge of the shipment or the product itself.

3- Digital Products:

Through technology, the teaching mechanism has increased. Each person has some area of ​​much knowledge, and with digital platforms you can generate income. If you are a photographer and you get hundreds or thousands of views per video, those followers want to know techniques and how to get your result in each photo. Creating online seminars, "ebooks", "presets" kits and tutorials are some of the products you can develop and sell. The important thing about this method is to make quality products that are related to your market.

4- Events:

Following the example of being a photographer, you can create courses and / or face-to-face events, where the follower can receive valuable and additional information of what you see in your videos, content and techniques.

5- Sponsorship:

Finally, you can receive money from a company that sponsors the video. Always taking into account your reach. Remember to know how to say no to some auspices. Nobody but you, know your followers and what type of product or event defines your audience.

The important thing when trying to generate income in any platform is the content. Quality is extremely important and perseverance. If you want to create a channel on YouTube or have little time developing content, do not get frustrated. At the beginning it will be a constant learning, until you develop the ideal to create a solid base of views and subscribers. If you want to know more about this topic or digital marketing, you can write us at info@twinstheory.com .

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